In Mastermind and Group Coaching you will be on a team of

5 -10 people working through lessons on Self-Awarness, Leadership, Goal Setting, and Connecting with People either on a live web feed, via telephone, or live and in person.  This will take place once a week for one hour to 90 minutes for a 5 - 13 week engagement depending on the lesson plan.

In a One on One Mentorship relationship you and I will spend an hour to 90 minutes every week for a 4 month, 6 month, or year long engagement and dig deep into your purpose in life, where your passion is defined, and figure out your WHY, so you can become the best version of yourself.

Workshops and Seminars are the real deal, where 50 - 200 or more like minded people fill a room while I take the stage and entertain you with my personal experiences and teach you how to be highly intentional in your decision making and how to control your emotions so you are not reactive but proactive on your journey to a life of significance.

Along with being an Ordained Minister in the Christian Faith to perform marriage and wedding services I also do Keynote Speaking for graduations, corporate workshops or retreats, and any other occasion you may need some one to inspire your employees, congregation, or team.